Welcome to the Richmond, Indiana hardware Co-op.

This website will become the new home for the Richmond, Indiana Hardware Coop.

We accept donations of computers and other e-waste, then re-use what we can, and responsibly recycle what we can't using certified e-waste recyclers.

Here's a photo from a busy day in September, 2013:

Richmond, Indiana Hardware Co-op

Here's what our space looked like in March, 2012:

Here's a photo from August, 2010 when we had recently moved into the newer, larger space and were just starting to fill it up:

Richmond Hardware Co-op milestone: moved into the new space.

Until the new website is up and running, you can contact us the following ways:


The Richmond Hardware accepts walk-in donations any time we're open.

Please do not leave equipment outside the entrance when we are closed.!

We recommend you erase all personal information before donating, but it is our policy to erase or destroy all personal data before reusing or recycling any hard drives.

We accept all computers and computer peripherals, free of charge. Examples include, but are not limited to:

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